Language Arts Moves to the 21st Century


Web 2.0:

  • Comic Strip -Toon Doo -
    • Students can create a script and then turn that script into a comic. All features of this program are considered "drag and drop". Youc an choose the characters you wish to use, backgrounds, objects, and then add the speech bubbles. There are also words to represent sounds they may appear in a comic strip. See the examples below of 2 comic strips that were created using Toon Doo.
      • Standards/Anchors: 1.4 A Narrative Writing; 1.5 A Quality of Writing; R*.A.1 Understand fiction appropriate to grade level.
      • NETS for Students: Creativity and Innovation (1.a, 1.b); Communication and Collaboration (2.c)

\Kids Playing\

\Monster Love\