What is Web 2.0????


  • Wikispace - a webpage that you can edit
  • You and/or your students add the content on the space
  • They can add text, images, pdf files, links to other sites, and embed objects such as:
    • video files from youtube, teachertube, google
    • calendars (ex. google)
    • widgets (fun gadgets - see below)
    • forms to complete (google documents)
    • spreadsheets or graphs showing real time data
    • live streaming of happenings being broadcast (campaigns, experiments, discussions, etc. - ustream.tv, blip.tv)

  • Create a Free Wiki-space for your Classroom Use


Podcasts (Audio)/ Videocasts
Hosting Sites - Free
Audacity - free software to use to record an edit your audio recording
  • Use audacity to record an audio of yourself giving a lecture or a student giving a report, speech, debate, or completing an interview
  • Insert the recording into audacity and add music clips or sound effects to the beginning and/or end of the audio piece
  • Next export the file as an mp3 file so that it can be uploaded as a podcast


Examples of Using Technology within the Classroom:

Read the Words - a web 2.0 that will read the words of text file, blog or pdf file so that your students can hear the text aloud while they are trying to read the article themselves.

Candidates Prepare for Town Hall-Style Debate posted on FoxNews.com on Oct. 7, 2009.
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